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Students generally have a lot of questions before they arrive at ArtsEd - you'll find many of them answered below.

You can also see a round up of our #AskArtsEd twitter Q&A with Principal, Chris Hocking here.

If there's anything we haven't covered, please email info@artsed.co.uk or use the Acting contact page.

What is the difference between the BA (Hons) and the Level 6 Diploma in Acting?

Both qualifications pertain to the same 3-Year course. Students wishing to register for the BA degree are required to pay an additional one-off payment (see 'Fees and Funding').

What do I need to do at my audition?

See Applications for full details of the audition process.

Do you take students from overseas?

We welcome students from across the globe but please bear in mind that non-EU students need to have a student visa. You will also need a good grasp of spoken and written English as this is the working language of the training.

Will disability affect my application?

No – but please notify us of any access needs or special requirements prior to your audition.

Are you able to audition via video or DVD?

No - we need to see you in person.

Is entry via UCAS?

No, entry is through direct application and audition.

Do you have to have any specific exam results or grades to be able to apply?


How do you apply for the course and what’s expected at audition?

Please see the Applications page for full details.

When is the closing date for receipt of applications?

Please see the Applications page for full details.

When do you hold auditions and can we choose when we want to audition?

Auditions are generally held on Thursdays from November to June during term time. If we offer you a date please do your best to attend. We can only reschedule under extreme circumstances such as illness or an exam commitment.

I have already done a year on a different course but don’t like it, am I able to transfer onto the ArtsEd course and go straight into the second year?

No, the ArtsEd course is a three-year training programme and unique to other institutions. You must complete all three years.

What’s the maximum applicant age?

There is no maximum age.

What’s the minimum applicant age?

You need to be 18 when the course commences.

How do I find people to live with?

The school will send an accommodation list with details of local letting agents. You will also be ‘buddied’ with a current student who will give you some guidance. The majority of students live locally in rented accommodation, sharing flats and houses. Students looking for flatshares often find accommodation through student postings on social network sites.

Are there any residential halls for new students?


Is there a canteen at school and what’s the average price for lunch?

There is an ArtsEd canteen and you can generally eat lunch for under £5.

I’m dyslexic, is there much support for me at the school?

Yes, we  offer a range of support for a variety of learning needs, including dedicated staff members and SpLD Study Skills Support.

How do I qualify for a DaDA?

Dance and Drama Awards (DaDAs) are awarded to the most talented auditionees but their financial circumstances are also taken into consideration.

If you aren’t awarded a DaDA where can you go to get help and advice re: other funding?

We recommend you research funding options as soon as possible, your local library will hold a list of charitable trusts and foundations that may be able to help you. 

Do we get to go on any organised theatre trips to see shows and if so do we have to pay for these?

We do not organise theatre trips but due to our strong industry links we are offered complimentary or reduced price tickets for many productions which we make available to students.

Are you allowed to have a part time job whilst studying?

Yes, but the course is very intensive so you will need to take this into account.

Is there a physiotherapist at the school and if so do we have to pay for this and when is the physio available?

We have visits from a physiotherapist two or three times a week at a heavily discounted rate.

What support does the college offer to any injuries I may sustain during the course?

In addition to our physiotherapist we have a fitness tutor for rehabilitation and can provide access to an Osteopathic consultant and a teacher trained in Alexander Technique. We also offer a free counselling service.

Is there an anti-bullying policy?

Bullying is not tolerated at any level. Nor does the School discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs or age.

What sort of pastoral care is available?

There is a Year Head for each of the three years and one for the MA students. We have an open door policy and are always here for the students. You can contact a senior member of staff at most times of the day.

What is Chiswick like?

Chiswick is a leafy suburb in London, zone 2. It has a vibrant shopping, café and bar culture. It is well connected with tubes and buses into central London.

What would I expect to pay for rent in the area?

The average rent for a room in a shared house is between £100-150 a week.