Head of Movement (with Head of Year Responsibilities)

Job Title Head of Movement (with Head of Year responsibilities)
Department  School of Acting
Reports to Director of the School of Acting
Working Pattern Full Time (40 hours per week on average)

Working Pattern (may vary)

15-20 teaching hours per week

20-25 non-teaching hours per week (for the purpose of administration, marking/assessment and pastoral care)

Salary              £45,000


The Arts Educational Schools have their origin in schools founded in 1919 by Grace Cone and in 1922 by Olive Ripman. The Cone and Ripman schools were pioneers in providing suitably talented children with a general academic education in conjunction with specialised training in dance, drama, music and art, preparing young men and women for professional careers in or connected with the theatre. In 1939 the two schools amalgamated to become the Cone Ripman School. Today Arts Educational Schools London continues to support a world–renowned co–educational independent vocational school for pupils aged 11–18 years as well as a professional conservatoire with two main divisions offering BA and MA degrees in Acting and BA and MA degrees in Musical Theatre, all of which are validated by City University and accredited by Drama UK. There is also a wide ranging programme of part time courses for all ages.

Purpose of the Post

To ensure the safe, efficient and effective provision of high-quality contemporary movement training, teaching all acting approaches and related subjects across all programmes/courses within the School of Acting, undertaking and overseeing assessments, giving feedback and planning and overseeing a range of units/modules and projects whilst ensuring the currency and world-leading position of the curriculum is maintained.

The Head of Movement will line-manage visiting Professionals and Visiting lecturers, coordinate External Examiners, and facilitate pastoral care as Head of Year to students within the School of Acting (assisting the Director of the School of Acting in the maintenance of discipline amongst the student body) and will support and collaborate with the Director of the School of Acting in the audition process.

Principal Accountabilities

As Head of Movement in the School of Acting, you will teach, assess and plan a range of units while ensuring the currency and world-leading position of the curriculum.  In doing so you will:

  • Contribute to the delivery and enhancement of our BA in Acting, MA Contemporary Acting and Foundation Acting.
  • Ensure the curriculum and course structure matches the requirements of the Degree, the National Qualification and the professional accrediting bodies.
  • Take a pivotal lead on future and ongoing curriculum developments within the School of Acting, to ensure it remains contemporary, inclusive and practical.
  • Demonstrate leadership in developing interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Promote a collegiate culture that encourages difference and respects diversity.
  • Make a positive contribution to the team, supporting colleagues in their day to day activities.
  • Be agile and able to reprioritise objectives in line with the School’s changing needs.
  • Be future-focused and open-minded; seeking evolving and innovative ways to add value to the business.
  • Maintain, through scholarship and participation in external subject-specific discourses, up-to-date expertise in a specialist field.
  • Be committed to supporting and initiating public-facing events, outreach work with schools and community groups, and teach and/or research collaborations with current, professional theatre-makers.
  • Make an important contribution to our burgeoning international profile and our reputation for contemporary, innovative and inclusive actor training practical teaching.
  • Remain up to date with regulatory or disciplinary developments in your subject area
  • Explain both verbally and in writing complex specialist processes, information and ideas at a high level of detail and technical specification.
  • Support the school in acquiring TDAP
  • Have a practical understanding of and apply a wide-range of methodologies and practitioners, suchas:Laban,Lecoq,Chekhov,Butoh,Viewpoints,Meyerhold,Grotowski,Suzuki,Feldenkrais
  • Use your solid working knowledge of some of the following: Contact Improvisation, Mask work, Yoga, Pilates and Contemporary Dance, Historical dance, African dance and inclusive movement practices.
  • Develop the improvisation element within the movement strand to enhance the individual internal creativity and imagination of the student actor.
  • Liaise with colleagues, stakeholders and relevant parties across both undergraduate and postgraduate provision, with regard to synergies and shared teaching possibilities.
  • Undertake the duties and responsibilities to provide pastoral care as Head of Year.
  • Provide detailed budget expenditure requirements for the Movement strand within the School of Acting.

First Year responsibilities:

  • Ensure the highest possible quality of teaching of movement throughout the year
  • Enable students to explore their bodies and physical habits through robust and engaging practical pedagogic practices
  • Guide students to find release in the body to allow flow, reaction and organic expressive responses.
  • Engage students with understanding and awareness of space – both personal and general.
  • Facilitate an inclusive and diverse teaching practice that will enable students to work with full commitment to differing qualities for ownership of action – detail and expression in form through both experiential and analytic learning.
  • Oversee and line manage Intimacy & Stage Combat modules.
  • Line manage full-time and part-time movement teaching staff on the BA Acting course.
  • Oversee and undertake assessments, ensuring feedback is delivered to deadlines.
  • Oversee the marking of logbooks/journals.
  • Coordinate health and safety as an element of safe care in the Movement, Intimacy and Stage Combat modules.
  • Explore co-teaching opportunities that may enhance the student learning experience.
  • Undertake personal tutor responsibilities.

Second Year responsibilities:

  • Generate a deepening understanding of movement through methodologies and/or practitioners.
  • Maintain further development of the actor’s individual creative toolkit to continue realising character and expressive choices through embodied and detailed physical understanding.
  • Facilitate exploration of the fullest use of the imaginative cultural physical range through preparation and execution of group warmups alongside individual limbers so that the student actor experiences ownership in performance.
  • Manage all full-time and part-time Movement teaching staff on the BA Acting course 1st and 2nd year, in coordination with the Director of the SoA.
  • Oversee and undertake assessments, ensuring feedback is delivered to deadlines
  • Oversee the marking of logbooks/journals
  • Explore co-teaching opportunities that may enhance the student learning experience.
  • Organise in house Movement show support when required

Third Year responsibilities:

  • Facilitate creative opportunities for 3rd year students with industry
  • professionals to enhance learning and promote the School of Acting and ArtsEd.
  • Undertake pre class/rehearsal movement warm ups for the 3rd year Actors
  • Assessing & marking public performances.
  • Assessing & marking TV/Films.
  • Where necessary provide production movement support.
  • Organise 3rd year production Intimacy and/or Stage Combat support.
  • Organise in house Movement show support.
  • Oversee the marking of logbooks/journals.

For the MA Course:

  • In collaboration with the Joint MA Course Leaders ensure the highest possible quality of teaching in movement and dance.
  • Support the organisation and provision of movement/intimacy/combat on the MA Acting final shows

For the Foundation Course:

  • In collaboration with the Foundation Course Leader ensure the highest possible quality of teaching movement and dance.
  • Teach as required by the Director of the School of Acting.

Line management responsibilities:

  • Undertake the induction of visiting professionals
  • Line manage and conduct the annual appraisal of full-time and part-time acting staff/tutors.
  • Work with the Director of the School of Acting to plan and manage the presentation of internal performances by students within the school.
  • In collaboration with the Director of the School of Acting manage all full-time and part-time Movement teaching staff and movement VL’s.

Assessment responsibilities:

  • Assist and collaborate with the Director of the School of Acting to formulate rigorous movement assessment frameworks which align with module and/or project learning outcomes.
  • Oversee and review assessments to ensure the highest possible quality of learning and teaching of movement throughout the School of Acting.

Person Specification

The post holder will:

  • Be educated to MA level in a teaching-based Movement Training discipline or possess significant HE or professional experience
  • Possess the knowledge and professional connections to bring in a wide variety of relevant professionals and visiting professionals in the discipline of Movement that reflect the student population, in order to enhance teaching and learning within the movement modules and projects.
  • Have a proven significant professional profile in movement training for student actors
  • Be able to use Knowledge Exchange/Knowledge Transfer and strong national/international connections.
  • Have the ability to engage in current discourses of diversity and inclusion in actor training pedagogies.
  • Have excellent practical teaching expertise of movement methodologies within the Conservatoire context as well as a proven significant professional profile in Actor Training.
  • Have detailed expertise in at least three widely recognised methodologies and coaching expertise to support and enhance the individual natural and expressive creativity and imagination through movement of the student actor.
  • Possess excellent communication and written skills
  • Be able to combine experience of teaching and research with professional skills
  • Be able to demonstrate experience of performing, devising, and teaching across interdisciplinary contexts.
  • Have the ability to work in an interdisciplinary manner with artists, directors and performers
  • Possess a passion for teaching and learning across all years in the BA Acting, Foundation and the MA Acting courses and have the ability to pass on this passion.

Additional Information 

  • The post holder must at all times carry out their responsibilities with due regard to all Arts Educational Schools London policies, procedures, staff code of conduct and staff handbook
  • All staff are required to undertake training to maintain their professional development and to share best practice
  • The post holder must respect the confidentiality of data stored electronically and by other means in line with the Data Protection Act.
  • The above list is not exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake such duties as may reasonably be expected within the scope and grading of the post. All members of staff are required to be professional, co-operative and flexible in line with the needs of the post and the school