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Feb Half Term  

We would like to let everyone know that ArtsEd Extra we will be running no half term courses this year.

We are very excited about this major building project, which will provide students with world-class facilities that match the exceptional quality of our teaching.  Inevitably there will be disruption to our schedules as the majority of the building work is planned to take place from June 2019 onwards.  However we are already planning a full programme of ArtsEd Extra courses for summer 2019.  These will take place at a variety of different venues around West London, including Richmond, Acton and Chiswick.  We look forward to telling you all about them.

As a thank you for your loyalty and understanding in this exciting period of development at ArtsEd we will be offering 10% off a summer course to previous course bookers. Please email - jgoodwin@artsed.co.uk and a code will be sent to you.  

Watch this space for further details of our summer programme.

Half Term - Musical Theatre Audition Bootcamp


We are very proud that a number of students who took part in this course last year went on to secure places at the top Musical Theatre schools.

"Without this course I would have gone in to my auditions with the wrong material. This week was critical to focus me. I wasn't scared of the audition process as I knew what to expect and how to conduct myself."

So if you are going to embark on auditions for BA programmes in Musical Theatre this year, this course could be critical to your success.

The competition for places at the top schools is huge, 1400 applications for 45 places is a rough estimate. Also the process is expensive, so you must ensure that you are at the top of your game.

This four day course will:

Examine whether you have chosen the right material. Are you showing yourself off in the best light?
Explore what is expected of you on the day. What is the etiquette? How do you survive the day?
Help you to convey your personality in the dance audition.
Ensure you are vocally prepared with your chosen songs. Am I acting through song or just singing it?
Discuss 'what might I be asked in the interview?'

During these four days you will have 1:1 time with ArtsEd tutors and industry professionals.

This course is going to be challenging, you will work at a fast pace. You will need to be open to taking risks and be seen to be using the advice you are given. You will be given honest feedback in how you need to develop and what you might need to practise in the coming months whilst you are auditioning.

Course Dates Time Age range Price Book
Half Term - Musical Theatre Audition Bootcamp Mon 21 Oct 2019
to Thu 24 Oct 2019
10:00am - 16:00pm 17+ £325.00 Book now

HALF TERM - Acting Audition Bootcamp

Many aspiring young actors believe that acting auditions are an easy process. You just learn the monologues and recite them. This is the wrong mentality. The top drama schools are looking for young actors that know themselves, have chosen monologues that suit them and who bring a uniqueness into the audition room.

If you are auditioning for drama schools this course could be critical to your success.

Do you have the correct monologues?
Do you know the audition etiquette?
Do you understand what is required of you when you go to audition?
What will the interview will be like?
What is it like to be redirected in the audition?

Be prepared. You are aspiring to do this as a career. Do not waste a year because you chose the wrong material and you don't know how to bring a text to life in a playful and honest manner.  Thousands audition for only a few places at the top drama schools. Get ahead of the game.

In this course we will explore:

How to choose appropriate monologues
Techniques in how to approach bringing the text alive
Being spontaneous

At the end of the week you will share your monologues to a panel.

Course Dates Time Age range Price Book
HALF TERM - Acting Audition Bootcamp Mon 21 Oct 2019
to Thu 24 Oct 2019
10:00am-16:00pm 17+ £250.00 Book now