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‘F’ is for Film Club - coming soon to ArtsEd

Actor and producer Yasen Atour to bring new Film Club to ArtsEd


Watch out for a brand new Film Club coming to ArtsEd next term!

Actor, producer and Film Club founder, Yasen Atour (Robin Hood, Ben-Hur and Peter Kosminsky’s The State) is delighted to be bringing Film Club to ArtsEd as an evening course.

It was his experience as a student at ArtsEd - the rigorous training and the strong focus on film - that made the school the obvious choice.

“As an actor, I’ve always been obsessed with film and what makes an actor 'excellent' on screen. A number of masterclasses and workshops I’ve come across say the same things: 'act through your eyes' and 'internalise more'.  I couldn’t help but think that there must be a clearer way to learn screen acting techniques. So, off the back of my experiences as an actor and producer of film and TV, I have constructed a simple and tangible six-week process called Film Club."

So what can the lucky students (places are limited to ten) expect?

Film Club is a screen acting course that demystifies performing for the camera and enables actors to identify and adjust for themselves when things are not working. The course covers Yasen’s unique approach to acting on screen, with particular emphasis on: selftapes, auditions, script analysis, scene work, on-set experience, finding work and representation, marketing yourself and furthering your career.  

Who can join?  Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, Film Club is for anyone who wants to develop their screen craft and further their career in the industry.

Why is it different? Classes are limited to ten students, which allows for an intimate and tailored approach to teaching. This way facilitators can gauge individual strengths and weaknesses. Film Club offers a methodical and practical way for students to analyse and improve their own performance without the need of outside advice. Students will be watching their own performances each week and will develop a highly trained ‘camera lens’ eye for what does and doesn't work.

Film Club uses successful methods designed by film actors, directors and producers who have up-to-date knowledge of the current requirements of professional acting for TV and film. When presented to a range of industry professionals in LA, New York and London, they were all overwhelmed by the transformative process.

“Having directed Yasen Atour and witnessed first-hand his commitment and unique approach, I can say with complete conviction that his methods should be adopted and taught throughout the industry as a standard for Screen Acting.” Stuart Gatt, film director (The Dead Sea)

More details coming soon! Check our website for updates.