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You could be in with the chance of winning a FREE evening of entertainment and delicious food for you and a friend!

Start the evening with dinner at the lovely George IV, Chiswick High Road, and be spoilt for choice by their menu options! You will then be treated to a night of entertainment at our wonderful Studio Theatre here at ArtsEd, where you will watch a World Premiere production of Reactor by Brad Birch (Tremor, Black Mountain), performed by our supremely talented third year BA Acting students.

"Two brilliant young nuclear chemists arrive on a remote Scottish island to work on a revolutionary project. Ready to change the world for the good, their scientific world is full of possibilities and optimism. 

Take anything that has ever appeared in the universe, anything at all, and break it down far enough and all you’re left with are the most ancient elements in existence. Your cats, your houses, your pints, your piss. It all comes down to these little specks of matter. And imagine taking those specks, and imagine being able to control them, warp them, change them, make anything out of everything. It’s the beginning, it’s the end, it’s creation. And I do that. Every. Single. Day.

But the island is haunted by a hidden past and a terrifying future. Crane and Benson are about to learn how far they will go to belong and that there are consequences for messing with the fabric of the universe."

To enter, simply fill in the form below and you will be entered into our prize draw! Best of luck.

Reactor | 22 – 26 May | ArtsEd |  14, Bath Road |  W4 1LY

Competition closes on 14/05/18 and the winner will be informed on 15/05/18

Got more than two who want to come and see the show? Book tickets here.