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Welcome to ArtsEd Professionals Hub

At ArtsEd EXTRA we believe that training and learning should never stop.

This new and exciting initiative offers professional development opportunities for singers, actors and dancers. Our exciting programme of workshops and networking events is designed to support established performers and those just launching their careers. 

As you know, the theatre industry is hugely competitive so it is critical that you stay at the top of your game. Through the Professionals Hub you can brush up your existing skills, explore new disciplines and make industry connections. We have introduced a small membership fee of just £15.  This gives you acces to affordable workshops and talks and gives you a reduced room hire rate of just £10 instead of £32.  To join this new part of ArtsEd you must be a graduate from a 3 year degree or a 2 year diploma or been working professionally for a number of years. The reason for this is so we that we can be assured you would be working with fellow performers at the appropriate professional level. 

Our programme of professional development workshops kicks off end of October.   

In December 2016 we want to draw your attention to  'The Actor and The Writer' - take a look at this workshop.

We want to develop the Professionals Hub with guidance from its membership. So if you and fellow professionals are looking for a specific short course to support your career, we can facilitate that for you - just get in touch using the details below.

We feel that it is important that you are training with fellow professionals who want to work at the highest level and who have trained at the highest level. Therefore there will be a small membership fee which will then give you access to classes and an opportunity to hire rehearsal spaces at ArtsEd for £10 per hour.  

So please get in touch. 

Jonathan Goodwin – Head of The School for Part Time Learning
020 898 76654