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Applications for Sixth Form

If you are interested in joining the Sixth Form you should register your interest by completing the application form and sending it to the Admissions Officer. You will then be notified of an allotted audition day.

The audition day contains both general application components and subject specific auditions or applications.

Sixth Form applicants are required to:

  • Complete a written test
  • Participate in a group interview with a member of the Sixth Form staff
  • Take part in subject specific auditions


Audition components for each subject are outlined below, followed by details of each component. Read the full details in the AUDITION REQUIREMENTS BOOKLET.

  • BTEC Musical Theatre - audition includes monologues, drama workshop, song performance and a jazz dance class
  • BTEC Acting - audition includes monologues and a drama workshop  
  • BTEC Dance - audition includes a dance solo, jazz class and an interview with a member of the Dance Department
  • BTEC Production Arts - please bring a portfolio of evidence to support your application
  • Dance A Level - audition includes a dance solo, jazz class and an interview with a member of the Dance Department
  • Drama A Level - audition includes monologues and a drama workshop
  • Music A Level - audition includes song and/or instrumental performance
  • Art & Design A Level -  please bring a portfolio of your GCSE work, including a range of work from Years 10 and 11, and ideally some work which you have produced independently.


Please prepare the following for your audition:

  • One classical monologue from a play - Shakespeare, Marlowe or Webster
  • One monologue from a play written post 1970

Each piece should be 1-2 minutes long and fully memorised. Students should also be prepared to discuss the monologues that they have performed.

Jazz Class

Please ensure you have comfortable, appropriate clothing.


Candidates who undertake an audition in singing, are required to select one piece from the audition requirements booklet.
BTEC Musical Theatre candidates must select one song from the booklet.
Candidates must provide their own piano score. Advice is provided on where this can be sourced. Candidates are permitted to change the key of each piece, however they must provide the printed music in the transposed form.


Candidates should play an instrumental piece on your chosen instrument, at a minimum Grade 4 standard. Please bring your own sheet music with you.
You may sing for this audition but please note that only candidates with a level of keyboard skills to a minimum of Grade 2 standard will be considered. If you have passed any graded exams in practical or theory please bring your certificates. Students will have to sit a short theory test.

Dance Solo

Candidates are required to prepare a piece of their own choreography for a solo dance, based on one of three starting points set by the Dance Department further information available in the audition requirements booklet.