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Writer: Deborah Bruce

Director: Scott Hurran
Designer: Jasmine Swan
Lighting Designer: Jamie Platt
Sound Designer: Mike Winship
Mary-Jo: Anna Brindle
Gavin: Sam Buchanan
Grace: Matilda Cobham
Carl: Will Edgerton
Pax: Rae Fitzell
Sol: LJ Johnson
Tia: Millie Kent
Sion: Jay Lycurgo
Sonny: Aidan McGleenan
Tara: Laura Meredith
Sasha: Lauren Rutherford
Dani: Danielle Saunders
Tim: Joseph Siddle
Jamie: Leo Woodall
Location: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre

Performed by ArtsEd's graduating BA Actors. Click here to view their profiles. 


Money matters in a city like London. It matters even more when you don’t have it.

Fourteen people. One five pound note. And a city that will chew you up and spit you out if you can’t keep up with the payments.

How do you work out a way to live, work and love against a hostile backdrop of high rents, low morals and the uneasy feeling that everyone except you knows how to play the game?         

Deborah Bruce's Sonny is about the ‘haves’, the ‘have-nots’ and everyone else in between.

Age Advisory: 14+

All tickets for Wednesday's performance are half price. 


Tuesday 7 May 7:30pm
Wednesday 8 May 7:30pm
Thursday 9 May 7:30pm
Friday 10 May 7:30pm
Saturday 11 May 7:30pm

Ticket Price: £14.00 (plus 50p card booking fee)
Concessions: £8.00 (plus 50p card booking fee)