Senior Editor

Department Film and TV Department, School of Acting
Reports to: Head of Film and TV
Working Pattern: Full Time
Hours: 40 hours Monday to Friday
Salary: £35,000 per year

Summary of the role:

  • Edit 3rd Year BA acting Showreels and Short Films
  • Check equipment in and out with the students when filming
  • Maintain filming equipment
  • Train students on equipment and crew roles
  • Support filmed classroom activities
  • Film and edit multi-camera stage productions
  • Maintain daily communication with Head of Department on all workflow

Key Responsibilities:

All staff are required to promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young persons for whom they are responsible and with whom they come into contact.



  • Receive rushes at end of shoot day, back up to two hard drives and log clips
  • Produce rough cuts, ideally keeping pace with shoot (the rough cut to be available at end of day following shoot)
  • Advise director of any problems / reshoots
  • Fine cut with director either in person, via zoom or working to written notes
  • Send materials to sound editor and composers
  • Colour grade video
  • Receive and integrate finished sound and music
  • Put on credits and titles
  • Final export, quality checks and upload
  • Create thumbnail images for Vimeo
  • Archive rushes and project files
  • Receive, backup and log footage from 2nd year location shoot
  • Prepare selected unedited rushes and upload to be marked
  • Maintain computer system and software licences


  • Keep inventory of equipment owned by film department
  • Maintain primary 3rd Year filming kit
  • Liaise with outside DOPs regarding integrating their own equipment and rentals
  • Research new purchases, get quotes and place orders
  • Repair items in-house where possible
  • Arrange for items to be repaired via specialist repair companies where necessary
  • Manage invoices for repairs
  • Order consumables (masking tape, gels etc.)
  • Update checkout sheets
  • Supervise check-in and check-out on shoot days
  • Provide on set support either in person or via telephone
  • Maintain 2ndyear shooting kit
  • Maintain classroom camera kits


  • To check equipment in or out on filming days with the students
  • Be available and flexible on filming days that are not scheduled between 9am to 5pm
  • To drive to set in emergencies if you hold a licence
  • To be on set the first day of filming or if technical issues arise, to support the DOP if needed


  • Train 3rd year students in sessions on camera, lighting, continuity etc. using lesson plans provided
  • Assist with training session provided by Sound Editor.
  • Set written and practical assessments for students to monitor their learning of crew roles.
  • Mark student papers and calculate grades.
  • Attend first day of shoot (possibly more) to support crew.
  • Train 1st year actors, MTs, and MAs in basic camera set-up and operation (approximately 2 hours per group).
  • Train 2nd years in more advanced camera operation and basic lighting technique (half day per group).

Classroom support

  • Set up camera and TV for 3rd year film project rehearsals.
  • Set up camera and TV for guest tutors.
  • Provide cameras for end of term assessments.
  • Provide technical assistance where necessary.
  • Download footage from cameras, upload and send links.

Theatre filming

  • Set up multiple cameras for live theatre / musical performances.
  • Operate a camera during performance.
  • Supervise additional camera operator.
  • Backup and sync rushes.
  • Edit footage
  • Send audio to sound editor
  • Receive and integrate finished sound
  • Colour grade edited footage
  • Add credits and titles
  • Final export, quality checks and upload

Person Specification:

Experience editing at least four or five funded short films, features or television shows. Essential Interview
Experience in an educational environment such as film school would be of benefit. Essential Interview
Ability to impart information and instruct groups of 14/16 students. Essential Interview
Skills and abilities
Work on set on various student film projects. Essential Interview
Have Postproduction experience. Essential Interview
Have experience maintaining camera and lighting equipment. Essential Interview
Have the ability to edit in Adobe Premiere and colour correction. (for example: Davinci Resolve) Essential Interview
Have good communication Skills Essential Interview
Editing techniques, camera operation and maintenance of equipment. Essential Interview
Personal competencies and qualities
motivation to work with young people Essential Interview
ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with young people Essential Interview
positive attitude to use of authority and maintaining discipline Essential Interview