Sixth Form Admissions

Open Evenings & Visits

We highly recommend that all prospective students come and meet us and we will be offering visits  as soon as we are able.  In the meantime our Virtual Open Evening in October will give you the chance to see our current students perform, chat to our staff and find out about the exciting developments to our training facilities that are currently underway.

All you need to do is register using the link below and we will keep you informed of our plans for each event.

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If you have any questions about the admissions process outlined below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Admissions Overview

Admissions to the Sixth Form are by audition. For entry in September 2021, auditions will be held in February 2021. You must apply by 5.00pm Friday 11 December. Audition dates will be on:

  • 15 December 2020
  • 22, 23 and 24 February 2021

On audition day, all candidates will take part in the following:

  • a written test
  • a group interview with a member of the Sixth Form staff

In addition, each candidate will be required to prepare individual audition pieces. These vary according to the mix of BTECs and A Levels chosen, and are outlined below. You can find out about our learning pathway options here.

BTEC Musical Theatre  Monologues & Drama Workshop Song Jazz Class
BTEC Acting Monologues & Drama Workshop
BTEC Dance Dance Solo Dance Interview Jazz Class
BTEC A Level Dance Solo Dance Interview Jazz Class
A Level Drama Monologues & Drama Workshop
A Level Music Voice / Instrumental

Audition Requirements

All audition pieces must fulfil the requirements outlined below:

Monologues - BTEC Musical Theatre & Acting / A Level Drama
  • one classical monologue from a play – Shakespeare, Marlowe or Webster AND
  • one monologue from a play written post-1990

Each piece should be no longer than one to two minutes and fully memorised. Students should also be prepared to discuss their monologues.

Song - BTEC Musical Theatre
  • one song that must be selected from the list below:

Soprano / Alto

A Little Bit in Love Wonderful Town
I Don’t Know His Name She Loves Me
Shy Once Upon A Mattress
Anyone Can Whistle Anyone Can Whistle
A Quiet Thing Flora the Red Menace
My Friend the Dictionary Spelling Bee
On My Way Violet – Solo Version
Stranger to the Rain Children Of Eden
Superboy and the Invisible Girl Next to Normal
Beyond My Wildest Dreams The Little Mermaid


She’s Too Far Above Me Half a Sixpence
I Met A Girl Bells Are Ringing
Good Thing Going Merrily We Roll Along
What Do I Need With Love? Thoroughly Modern Millie
Larger Than Life My Favourite Year
And They’re Off A New Brain
Extraordinary Pippin
Lost in the Wilderness Children of Eden
Old Red Hills of Home Parade
Left Behind Spring Awakening

Students must use the sheet music provided here.

Voice / Instrumental Pieces - A Level Music
  • two contrasting vocal and/or instrumental pieces in any genre

Performances should be to a minimum of Grade 5 standard or equivalent.

Music should be performed in the original key and copies of the sheet music must be provided.

Candidates will also take part in the following:

  • a music theory task, including reading notes on the treble and bass clef, identifying keys and chords and completing a short score analysis
  • a short interview with the Music Department in which candidates should be ready to talk about their experiences in performing, composing and listening.

Candidates should have gained Grade 5 Theory (or equivalent), or at least Grade 7 at GCSE Music.

Dance Solo – BTEC Dance & A Level Dance

One short solo piece of your own choreography based on one of the following stimuli:

  • IMAGE: Metamorphose by M.C. Escher – can be found on Google images
  • MUSIC: ‘Stranger to Myself’ by Axis on the album ‘Planet Didge’ (available on iTunes or Spotify)
  • POEM:  ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen.

Candidates will also have a short interview with the Head of Dance.

Accompaniment can be provided on a mobile phone.

Jazz Class - BTEC Musical Theatre/Dance & A Level Dance

Please ensure that you have comfortable and appropriate clothing with you and that you remove all jewellery for this element of the audition.

Fine Art

Please bring a portfolio of your GCSE work, including a range of work from Years 10 and 11, and ideally some work which you have produced independently.


Please email a portfolio of images and a short statement as detailed below:

  • 20× photos that you have taken of which you are especially proud. To help us understand the context and location of your work, please save each image using a descriptive title, e.g. Reflection On Pond or Distorted Figure Dancing
  • 20× images that demonstrate how you have been inspired either by a well-known photographer or an exhibition that you have visited. Again, please title each of these images to help us understand the inspiration, e.g. Old Woman Inspired By Arbus or Reflections After Tarkovsky
  • a short statement explaining why you would like to take Photography for A Level and what you hope to gain from the subject. Please save this as a separate Word document using your name as the title

The portfolio and statement should be emailed using a single WeTransfer link a minimum of seven days BEFORE the date of your audition. Please DO NOT send small batches of images.

Candidates who have taken GCSE Photography must have attained Grade 7 or above.

If you have any questions about studying A Level Photography, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Photography, Greg Beavis at