Student Welfare

“The teachers at ArtsEd are really caring and are always able to spot if we’re having a bad day. They’re always there for a chat – they’re like our family”

– ArtsEd Student

Student Welfare is a top priority at ArtsEd. We strive to create a happy, inclusive community which is supported by excellent pastoral care and a focus on physical health. Alongside a successful mentoring scheme with ArtsEd Alumni, and regular wellbeing presentations and workshops, we offer a range of support networks to cover all of our students’ needs.

Counselling & Wellbeing

For emotional support, the ArtsEd HE Counselling Service is there to help through 1-2-1 short-term counselling in a safe space with our on-site counsellor, Lucy McDonald.

Our dedicated Health & Wellbeing Officer, Benjamin Ensall, provides support and guidance for students’ mental and physical health, offering bespoke exercise and nutritional advice, as well as discussions around mental wellbeing.

“When you face difficult feelings, don’t suppress them, instead open up and embrace the support that is offered. It really will help you to rediscover your happiness.”

– Benjamin Ensall, Health & Wellbeing Officer

Pastoral Care

In addition to our Wellbeing Officer, each Head of Year is responsible for the pastoral care of their student cohort. At weekly tutorial meetings, record forms are completed on which students keep track of their emotional welfare, as well as report any injuries or illnesses. These forms are monitored by the Head of Year, who can quickly step in to support any student who may be struggling.

Disability Support

Our Disability Coordinator oversees specific learning difficulty (SpLD) provision, and further support is provided by Heads of Year, supporting students with initial diagnostics and pastoral care, alongside weekly on-site group and 1-2-1 sessions with a freelance specialist SpLD learning support tutor. These sessions help SpLD students to develop confidence and autonomy in registering, retaining and recalling their learning.