Senior Music Tutor

Department School of Musical Theatre (HE Musical Theatre)
Reports to: Head of Music
Working Pattern: Full time permanent
Hours: 40 per week
Salary: £37,500

Summary of the role:

This is position is a permanent, full-time role within ArtsEd.  We are committed to changing the way that performers are trained for the modern industry. The person appointed should ideally bring a balance of professional and teaching skills to ensure that ArtsEd remains a leader in the world of professional Musical Theatre training. The School of Musical Theatre currently offers a BA (Hons) and Cert HE which are validated by City, University of London. The current intake is 50 BA (Hons) & 30 Foundation students per year, with some funding via the Dance and Drama Awards scheme. There is also an active programme of outreach and short-course activity.  The successful applicant will need to work closely with the Head of Music to ensure the highest standards of singing and musical education are maintained for the students, and in order to maintain a high level of morale and cooperation across the busy Music department as we carry out our day-to-day activities with good humour and a positive, ‘can-do’ approach.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of young persons for whom you are responsible and with whom you come into contact.
  • Contributing towards the efficient, safe and effective provision of high-quality Musical Theatre training.
  • To teach a range of classes from the current music and singing curriculum, further details of which are outlined below.
  • Contributing towards maintaining the highest quality teaching of singing and music and associated subjects throughout the School of Musical Theatre.
  • Contributing towards curriculum review processes, as appropriate.
  • To be a member of the Musical Theatre School Executive team.
  • To be a Personal Tutor as set out in the school’s Personal Tutor policy.
  • This role may include other pastoral responsibilities’ – including, but not limited to, a Head of Year responsibility.
  • Participation in the audition selection process, where necessary.
  • To take part in external concerts and events, where necessary.
  • To mark and assess student progress through written Critical Reflection journals, practical classwork elements, projects and performances as required, and during the assessment period at the end of the academic year.

Teaching Responsibilities

As advised by the Head of Music, to teach/MD a combination of:

  • Ensemble singing classes
  • 1-2-1 repertoire lessons
  • Musical Theatre Skills Consolidation projects
  • Singing & Music projects
  • Song Workshop classes

Across the Foundation Cert H.E. Course and B.A. (hons) course.  This list is not exhaustive;  there may be additional requirements from time to time and the post may evolve in line with the strengths and ambitions of the employee, in agreement with the Head of Music and Course Director.

This is a full-time post with most working responsibility taking place during term time, but with other duties which occur throughout the year, including team meetings, auditions, events, assessments and training.

Secondary Duties

  • Working collaboratively with colleagues and members of the singing and music department and beyond, to adhere to the aims, objectives and priorities of the School of Musical Theatre.
  • Implementing resources to achieve departmental plans, ensuring that you are acting within the budget and strategic aims.
  • Being familiar with and compliant with equality legislation, in addition to promoting equality and diversity amongst both the staff and student body.
  • Providing excellent support to help students perform at their best, through motivating and developing them to achieve high performance.
  • Effectively communicating and attending regular team meetings and one-to-ones to ensure understanding of and engagement with student matters, activities, priorities, progress and problems.
  • Providing clear guidance, instruction, advice and coaching to students
  • Developing effective teamwork e.g., effective communication, consulting on shared aims.

Person Specification

Qualities / Experience / Skills / Qualifications required to undertake the role effectively

  • A relevant degree and/or equivalent professional experience in the theatre industry. (Essential)


  • Teaching at BA level or higher (Essential)
  • Working with students in a similar environment
  • Working in a professional capacity and using professional connections to develop students and provide opportunities. (Essential)

Skills and abilities

  • Excellent piano accompaniment and sight-reading skills (Essential)
  • Experience as a Musical Director in the industry (Desirable)
  • Experience in writing musical and vocal arrangements (Essential)
  • Creativity (Essential)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (Essential)
  • Persuasiveness and a willingness to take artistic risks (Desirable)
  • Self-motivation and the ability to motivate and inspire others (Essential)
  • The ability to work as part of a team (Essential)
  • An awareness and understanding of technical issues, the workings of a theatre and the process of performance (Desirable)
  • The ability to develop innovative ideas and to solve problems creatively and practically (Essential)
  • Organised and efficient (Essential)
  • Knowledge of relevant health and safety legislation and procedures (Essential)
  • Dedication and enthusiasm (Essential)


  • Accreditation requirements of the BA and Foundation Course Programmes (Desirable)
  • Curriculum and course structure of the Degree, the National Qualification, and the professional accrediting bodies. (Desirable)
  • Understanding of the requirements of the QAA Quality Code (Desirable)
  • Understanding of equality legislation (Desirable)

Personal competencies and qualities

  • Motivation to work with young people. (Essential)
  • Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with young people. (Essential)
  • Emotional resilience. (Essential)
  • Positive attitude to use of authority and maintaining discipline. (Essential)
  • Commitment to continued professional development of both self and others. (Essential)

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