2024 BTEC Fringe Festival


Get ready for a week of student talent and creativity as the 2024 BTEC Fringe Festival graces our stage on January 30th and 31st. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the annual BTEC Fringe Festival, where our exceptionally talented students will bring their creativity and passion to life in a kaleidoscope of captivating performances.

Event Details

This two-day fringe festival promises to be a celebration of the performing arts, and we are honoured to present an array of thrilling performances, including acting, musical theatre, and dance shows, all curated and performed by our incredibly talented students.

Dates: Tuesday 30th January & Wednesday 31st January 2024

Location: Studio 39 & 102, ArtsEd, 14 Bath Road, Chiswick, London, 4 1LY

Box Office Information

To secure your place for this event, simply click the button below and book your tickets today. We kindly ask you to book separate tickets for each performance, ensuring a minimum of 30 minutes between show bookings to allow for a smooth transition. With a limited seating capacity of 40 seats per performance. In case a show is sold out, rest assured, we have a waiting list to accommodate you.

No need to worry about collecting your tickets – our warm and welcoming Front of House team will be there to greet you on the evening of each performance. For those with specific access requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sdye@artsed.co.uk in advance.

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Show Highlights

January 30th

Carry That Weight (by Yesterday)

  • Eleanor Rigby & Anne: Emily Hill, Bob: Toby Mocrei, Chad: José Bemrose, Kate: Elyza Debono, Lucy: Arianna Johnson, Mary: Cecilia Lihn, Rose: Alice Stonebridge
  • Description: Join seven individuals in a failing band as they chase fame with Beatles songs in this heartwarming story.
  • Performance: 4.45pm/7pm – Studio 102

The Wheels on the Bus (by The Living Room Theatre Company)

  • Ensemble: Lily Haylock, Bella Foat, Morgan Thomas, Eva Patel
  • Description: Get a bird’s-eye view of the world-famous London Bus and experience the highs and lows of public transport, with laughter, tears, and unforgettable stories.
  • Performance: 5pm/7.15pm – Studio 39

One By One (by Elimination Dance Company)

  • Agnes Beuselinck, Sisi Bryt, Elsie Haddrell, Alex Summers, Holly Baker, Amy Morrison, Jessie Sprousen
  • Description: Follow our story of the slow demolition of a habitat being destroyed for human advantage and the effects of human activity on our world.
  • Performance: 5:30pm/7:45pm – Studio 102

Pink Women (by 4 Shades of Grey)

  • George: Jesse Francis-Baum, Betsie: Kitty Whiting, Lilac: Issy Grace MacDonald, Liza: Roxanne Hurrell
  • Description: Delve into love, relationships, and the complexities of human connections as three different girls navigate a common situation.
  • Performance: 5.45pm/8pm – Studio 39

I Wish (by Shows in the Key of Life)

  • Mr. Duke: Todd Dachtler, Ms. Cherie: Tiana Cartwright, Bobby: Charles Mcdowell, Sophie: Eliza Cambei, Riley: Isabella George-Hall, Amelia: Summer Vincent
  • Description: A music teacher faces a crossroads between love and passion in New York City in this classroom serenade.
  • Performance: 6.15pm/8.30pm – Studio 102

The Box of Parallels (by The Gallery)

  • Ensemble: Elizabeth Pask, Rosie Arevalo, Kai Plummer-Walrond, Harnoor Kaur
  • Description: Join four people in an elevator for a comedic twist on unexpected relationships, secrets, and love in confined spaces.
  • Performance: 6.30pm/8.45pm – Studio 39

January 31st

Desire; Love (by Daydreamers)

  • Luca: Gino Ochello, Priya: Nikhita Essex, Raj: Hari Aggerwal, Emma: Rosie Brickwood, Via: Olivia Beazley, Tom: Charles Hagen, Lola: Carmen Parrilla Santander
  • Description: Explore the universal desire for love as seven people navigate different paths in their quest for happiness.
  • Performance: 4.45pm/7pm – Studio 102

The Maria Project (by High 5)

  • Chris: Jacob Cowles, Ensemble: Scarlett Rousset, Maisie Christie, Isabella Laborde
  • Description: Embark on a journey where reality is shaped by memories and experience a series of bizarre events as Chris explores his mind.
  • Performance: 5pm/7.15pm – Studio 39

Power of Nature (by Truce Dance Company)

  • Humans: Duncan Moffat, Matilda Ek, Emily Bromage. Nature: Robyn Vine, Polly Holmes, Rebecca Yianni
  • Description: In a once harmonious coexistence, human greed for power led to nature’s exploitation. This sparked a fierce battle, where machines clashed with resilient forests, shaking the earth.
  • Performance: 5:30pm/7:45pm – Studio 102

Ice Breakers (by Midnight Goats)

  • Tony: Damien Weber, Anne (Penelope): Evie Williams, Anne: Jess Jenner, Raya (Trish): Kya Davis
  • Description: Anne’s quest to impress her college bullies leads to a hilarious mix-up involving two teenagers and country lines.
  • Performance: 5.45pm/8pm – Studio 39

Blondilocks (by DB and Co.)

  • Narrator/Casting Director: Sasha Walters, Debby: Claudia Hadley, Chris, The Manager: Sam Cooper, Tish Bellemo/Choreographer: Lucy Bond-Rodriguez, Maria/Job Centre Receptionist: Tilly Wolstenholme, Dancer/Nervous Girl/Motel Receptionist: Darcie Faircloth, Bad Club Boy/Hotel Receptionist: Maikol Roque
  • Description: A modern retelling of Goldilocks in the big city set to the music of Blondie. Follow Debby’s journey as she navigates the complexities of life.
  • Performance: 6.15pm/8.30pm – Studio 102

Colour Scheme (by Isolated Productions)

  • Brooke: Amy Scholar, Ellie: Summer-Maé O’Neil, Joe: KJ Phillip, Stacey: Lolabelle Backus
  • Description: Follow Brooke Miller’s journey as an aspiring designer and discover the price of success in a competitive world.
  • Performance: 6.30pm/8.45pm – Studio 39

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The 2024 BTEC Fringe Festival promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent, creativity, and dedication. We invite you to join us in celebrating the hard work and artistic achievements of our students. Secure your tickets now, support our emerging artists, and be a part of this unforgettable event.

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