Beauty and the Beast gets a High Five from Holy Trinity


ArtsEd was delighted to welcome Tiger Class from Holy Trinity C of E School London to watch the dress rehearsal of Beauty and the Beast. The annual school visit is much anticipated but cast and creatives come under close scrutiny. There’s no pulling wool over primary eyes!

‘When we got to the theatre, we all couldn’t wait for the show to start… the excitement rose as we entered the room.’ (Apeksha)

‘Just at that very moment as I entered the door I knew that I was going to have a good time.’ (Dashaan)

Henry was ‘blown away’ by the performance and all the cast were perfect, but he thought Jak Skelly could have been a 'more scary' beast, but overall it was a good performance.  Teijah could only give it 4½ out of 5 ‘because when the wolves were off (on?) stage they scared me’. Jonathan was also in two minds: 'I was really scared when wolves came past our seats. That was so cool!’ While Tamsin ‘almost jumped out of her skin’ – ‘I looked beside me and there was a wolf!’

Esther loved the ‘superb’ dancing and ‘just wanted to jump up on stage and have a good time'. While Miriam loved all the effects: ‘I give the setting and everything a thumbs up, 5 stars – keep up with your good work.’ Jay also awarded the show five stars: at the start he thought it was going to be good, but by the end he’d upgraded it to ‘Amazing!!!’ Simona rated it 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 and gave it 2 thumbs up.

Shania was swept away by Jennifer Louise Jones and Kirsty Ingram and loved the theatre, which was like ‘entering wonderland’. ‘The bit that I didn’t like was… Nothing. The bit what I liked was all of it because nothing about it was bad.’ She gave it 100 out of 100.

Nia loved Tom Jackson Greaves’ choreography and when the girls were dancing on the tables, while Candice thought all the dancers were talented and Daniella appreciated how much time they all took ‘to practice the act so that it would be good for us’. BaBatunde thought the lights were 'so bright and beautiful' and the drama ‘intense and hilarious’.

Monika summed up her review with ‘Everything was perfect’ and Rylei would definitely go to the theatre again – ‘Well done to all the actors and everyone else. And the ensemble.’ It was a thumbs up for Joel too: ‘I would recommend it to a friend. I would not change anything.’

And finally, from Tai-Millan:

'I wish I could meet them in person and if I could dance on the stage I would.’

We look forward to seeing you again next year and thanks for all your reviews!