Community Events: Christmas Choir


This festive season, ArtsEd, added a melodious touch to the community’s Christmas celebrations with its inaugural Community Choir. This five-week community group, setup by Head of Development, Mary Ann Parish, Head of Outreach, Maame Atuah and led by the esteemed Musical Director Chris Huntley, brought together music enthusiasts from across the Chiswick community to learn, sing, and spread joy through the power of their voices.

A Choir for All Ages

Running every Tuesday in the lead-up to Christmas, the Community Choir was a testament to the inclusive spirit of ArtsEd. With participants ranging from 18 up to 72 years old, the choir represented a beautiful tapestry of the community, united by a shared passion for singing. The choir boasted 17 dedicated members, each bringing their unique sound and story to the ensemble.

Affordable, Accessible, and Heartwarming

At just £12 for the entire five-week community programme, the Community Choir was not only an artistic endeavour but also an accessible one, ensuring that the joy of singing and the warmth of community spirit were within reach of everyone. Chris Huntley’s expert guidance provided members with an opportunity to hone their vocal skills, learn the intricacies of musical theatre and Christmas songs, and experience the camaraderie and satisfaction that comes from singing in a choir.

Culminating in Cheerful Performances

The choir’s journey culminated in two heartwarming performances. The first, an intimate event at ArtsEd, allowed friends and family to witness the harmonious results of their loved ones’ dedication and hard work over the past 5-weeks. The second performance took place at the Santa Run at The Hogarth Club, where the choir’s festive repertoire, featuring three musical theatre songs and three Christmas classics, added a magical touch to the event.

“I joined the Community Choir because my daughter attends ArtsEd and I loved the idea of being able to attend something at her school.  I used to be in a choir but had to give it up so this was an ideal opportunity for me.

I really enjoyed being part of the choir, a lovely group of people and a very dedicated and supportive choir master.  We had some great songs to sing and it was such great fun.  We even got a break each evening with refreshments to chat and get to know each other.

A major shoutout to Charlie – a student at ArtsEd who helped make us feel welcome and organise the refreshments and support the singing.

Thanks also to MaryAnn who kept us up to date with emails and general organisation keeping things running smoothly. I really hope the choir can continue I will definitely be back”

Participant of the 2023 Christmas Choir.

Looking Ahead

As ArtsEd looks forward to hosting more community centred initiatives, the Community Choir stands as a proud reminder of the joyful connection that the arts can bring to our lives.

For those who missed this year’s choir but are eager to participate in similar future events, ArtsEd encourages community members to stay tuned for upcoming programs. Whether you are a seasoned performer or a newcomer to the world of performing arts, ArtsEd’s doors are always open to those who wish to explore their artistic talents and be a part of a vibrant community.

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