Day School Alumnus Follows in the Footsteps of Acting Greats


Day School and Sixth Form alumnus Sam won the Schubert scholarship two years ago to attend the world famous American Academy of Dramatic Art. He was the first pupil to ever achieve 100% in his audition, as a result he was awarded the first ever Schubert Scholarship which covered all of his tuition fees at AADA in New York.

Sam, who is now nearly 20, graduated last week and along with his degree he scooped the top award, The Charles Jehlinger from AADA.

Previous winners of the Charles Jehlinger award include Robert Redford, Spencer Tracey, Kim Cattrall, Paul Rudd, Anne Hathaway.

The award is given to the student who developed most: “as a person as well as an artist’ and “who displays a profession attitude towards the art”.

Sam has enjoyed his experience in America, gained enormously as a person and an actor from leaving home and travelling to New York. Sam was overwhelmed to have received the Charles Jehlinger award, which came as a bolt out of the blue, saying “I’m so proud and delighted to have been awarded this, especially as some of the greatest names in the industry have received this ahead of me, and I am going to use this to spur me on in their footsteps.”

The award has already open doors for potential plays on Broadway this Summer, meanwhile, Sam is due back in London in May, as he is currently auditioning for various top Drama schools in London, and will be looking for an Agent in the UK.

AADA Director of Instruction, Constantine Scopas, said “Sam is a consummate professional already, I am anxious to see what heights he climbs to once out of the Academy.”

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts was founded in 1884 as the first conservatoire for actors in the English speaking world.  Charles Jehlinger was one of the first graduates, and went on to teach stars such as Edward G Robinson, Rosalind Russel, Grace Kelly, Jason Robards and Kirk Douglas.

The memory of Charles Jehlinger, as Director of Instruction for over 50 years, is honoured by AADA and accredited with the following quote, being the basis upon which the award is relevant to the Academy and its teachings.

“The art of acting is without limits. You need to understand all of human nature, the sense of beauty of the artist and the poet, the sense of rhythm of the dancer and musician, the mentality of a philosopher and scientist. It is the universal art.” – Charles Jehlinger