Pupils Say ‘Hello Wembley!’


Written by Ella Bleakley (Year 9)

On Wednesday 2nd of March, Gilska Weerakkody (Year 11) and I took part in Voice In A Million (VIAM) at Wembley Arena. We performed in front of 12,000 people, which is by far the best thing either of us had ever done. VIAM is a show put on each year to bring children around the UK together.

We were there because Gilska and I are members of a group called Song Academy and the founders of VIAM asked our eleven members to write and perform a song especially for the event.

Building up to our performance, we met as a group every Sunday to work on our recording. Together, we performed the song ‘Right To Be Loved’, it is about children waiting and hoping for fostering or adoption. We also made a music video to go with the song.

We are aiming to raise awareness of the large number of vulnerable children in care and the difference that adoption and fostering makes in the world. Please help us get on the radio & buy 'Right To Be Loved' for 99p on iTunes if you can.

We have been invited back next year to perform the same song – and I can’t wait!