Success at Drama Festival


The Independent Schools Association (ISA) Drama Festival is an established Drama competition with a national profile. Schools from across the country take part in performances over three days in March, competing for awards that recognise a range of theatrical skills including acting, innovation, costume and professionalism.

Arts Educational are delighted to announce that our Year 10 drama students were awarded The Thorpe Hall Prize for their performance of ‘Conkers’ written and directed by Steven Pleasants. The award was given for the best ensemble production showing exceptional professionalism and innovation which is a great testament to the students’ creativity and team work.

The piece explored the issue of teen crime inspired by a true story of an elderly woman, tragically attacked and hospitalised by three youths. The play asks us to question our decisions and is poetically presented through the sad demise of a once glorious conker tree. 

Drama Teacher Steven Pleasants praised the cast: “The students were given the unique opportunity to originate these roles, as well as approach a very sensitive topic that they felt was important to them. Their professionalism on the day of performance was exemplary and has been duly noted with this outstanding award.”