Bursary Appeal 2021

No young person with the talent and aspiration to study at ArtsEd should be deterred by financial worries. Make a donation to our Bursary Fund today and help our brilliant young students to shine!


The ArtsEd Bursary Fund provides support to young people who have the talent and commitment needed to study at ArtsEd but who don’t have the financial backing to make it happen.

Every student at ArtsEd has a passion for performance, a passion that is nurtured by our expert staff in our welcoming and uniquely joyful London home. Our training is tough. Everyone works incredibly hard to hone their craft. Classes start at 8.30 in the morning and finish at 6 at night, for five days a week. Despite two national lockdowns this academic year, our students have received over 80% of their training face-to-face here at ArtsEd. Sadly students have not been so fortunate with part-time work which has all but disappeared.

As you can imagine, the number of young people needing financial help increased sharply this year.  We did our best to rise to the demand and were able to award bursaries to 41 students, ranging from £1,500 to full scholarships.

Many of these talented young people will be entering the 2nd or 3rd year of their studies in September and their financial struggles will not have disappeared between now and then.  And this is where you come in!  It is so important that the performers and theatre makers that we train truly represent the world in which we live, so that everyone’s stories can be told.  By making a donation to the Bursary Fund today you will be keeping the doors of opportunity open for everyone.    

Life changing bursaries aren’t as difficult to make as you might think.

  • 100 people donating £20.21 = life changing bursary
  • 10 people donating £202.1 = life changing bursary
  • 1 person donating £2021 = life changing bursary

You get the idea! Every gift will make a difference. Make a donation today and help talent win out over financial hardship.

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