all the things

BA Acting

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Directed by:



15 - 19 June 2021, 7pm


Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre

In a space that is both nowhere and everywhere we investigate life’s uncomfortable conversations through a collage of situations. Here the fantastical and the mundane are celebrated. Everyday life and Philosophy are explored by the whacky, psychedelic and mechanical world of the Glitch. The orchestra of “All the things” allows us to listen to private and public opinions present in the Symphony of all human relationships; This Music reveals the things we say, the things we’ve said, the things we don’t say and the things we can’t say.

Playwright DKFASH is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in multi-form storytelling; fusing movement, witty dialogue & poetic multi-layered text in unexpected ways. This piece has been devised with the cast. 

Please note that this performance deals with difficult topics such as suicide and issues around child-bearing. 

Booking is by invitation only.

Creative Team

Directed by:


Set Designer:

Sophia Pardon

Costume Designer:

Stella-Jane Odoemelam

Lighting Designer:

Jack Knowles

Sound Designer:

Nicola Chang

Video Editor:

Ryan Adams

Assistant Director:

Luke Wilson

Deputy Stage Manager:

Beth Cotton