Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

Written by:

Bertolt Brecht (adapted by John Willett)

Directed by:

Lucy Sheen


22 - 24 July 2021, 7pm


2pm Saturday


Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre

Brecht’s series of twenty-four interconnected playlets describe events which took place in ordinary German households in the 1930s. They dramatise with clinical precision the suspicion and anxiety experienced by ordinary people, particularly Jewish citizens, as the power of Hitler grew.

Lucy Sheen has reimagined this historic piece, utilising music and sound to touch on the relevance that Brecht’s work still elicits on today’s society, both demographically and politically.

Booking is by invitation only

Creative Team

Directed by:

Lucy Sheen

Set and Costume Designer:

Adrian Gee

Lighting Designer:

Alex Musgrave

Sound Designer:

Russell Ditchfield