Romeo & Juliet

Written by:

William Shakespeare

Directed by:

Lizzie Bellamy


29 - 30 June, 7:30pm


Pleasance Theatre

Ticket prices:

£15 / £10

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Romeo. Juliet. Montague. Capulet. Star-crossed lovers bound to fate. Their love will conquer all, their passion will reap the justice their families deserve.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ explores the complexities of devotion and the battle between forces beyond ourselves. When divine entities mingle with young love, chaos and conflict inevitably follows.

Juliet is confined to the domestic sphere, trapped by her mother’s principles of femininity. Whilst Romeo is pressured into aggression and competition by his friends. As destiny and devotion become intertwined, no one can prevent the doom that unfolds. Watch this ancient story be retold on the Pleasance stage, performed by ArtsEd Sixth Form Theatre Company.

Creative Team

Directed by:

Lizzie Bellamy