Zero for the Young Dudes & The Sewing Group

Directed by:

Madelaine Moore


8th – 12th October 2019, 7.30pm


Thursday 10th October 2.30pm


Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre

Ticket prices:

£15 - £8

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Zero for the Young Dudes! By Alistair McDowall

Somewhere today in a sunny corner of England, the inmates at a bizarre summer camp are plotting a revolution. Or has it already happened?

Beneath the schedule of cross country runs, lessons and meals, a long history of unrest and injustice lies hidden. As we watch the young inmates’ plan unfold, a violent future looms large out of a violent past.

Zero for the Young Dudes! was commissioned for the National Theatre Connections 2017 collection.


The Sewing Group by E.V. Crowe

 ‘I have spoken very clearly with her and I have told her that she is new here and that she must live how we live.’

A woman arrives in a rural village in pre-industrial England. Her desire is to sew and learn from their simple way of life. But the group soon begins to suspect she is not who they thought she was.

E. V. Crowe’s The Sewing Group premiered in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in November 2016.


Performed by our graduating BA Actors as a double bill separated by an interval of 20 minutes.

The order in which the plays will be performed is as follows:

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday  –    Sewing Group   |     Zero.

On Thursday matinee and evening and on Friday  –    Zero    |    Sewing Group.

Creative Team

Directed by:

Madelaine Moore

Set & Costume Designer:

Elin Steele

Lighting Designer:

Martha Godfrey

Sound Designer:

Ben White

Assistant Director:

Ryan McVeigh

Director of the School of Acting:

Julie Spencer


Chris Hocking

Zero for the Young Dudes Cast

The Sewing Group Cast