ArtsEd: Community Garden


In a heartwarming display of environmental stewardship, following over 2 years of temporary wall fixtures, the ArtsEd community recently came together to create a beacon of biodiversity and beauty with the establishment of a new community garden. This significant initiative saw students from the Day School & Sixth Form, Higher Education cohorts, esteemed alumni, and dedicated staff members rolling up their sleeves in a collective effort to make a tangible impact on their environment and further cement the bonds of the ArtsEd community.

On a day that, despite its dampness, was filled with vibrancy and a shared sense of purpose, the ArtsEd community planted an array of trees donated by the Woodland Trust. This carefully curated variety included the robust hawthorn, the resilient hazel, the graceful downy birch, the evergreen holly, and the captivating crab apple, each chosen not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their contribution to local biodiversity.

School of Musical Theatre Director Jonathan O'Boyle, with his students assisting in the garden planting.


The planting was thoughtfully arranged and expertly guided by Abundance London (who also generously donated tools), with each tree finding its home along the garden’s beds, flanked by an impressive row of stately yew trees. This verdant initiative goes beyond merely beautifying the establishment; it is a testament to ArtsEd’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the nurturing of a community that grows together.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all those who lent their green fingers and hearts to this project. Special thanks are extended to Mary Ann Parish, Head of Development and Daisy from the Development office, whose vision and dedication were instrumental in planting the seeds to a long lasting community garden. Their efforts promise not only to enrich our school’s landscape but to instill a legacy of environmental consciousness and engagement among the ArtsEd community.


Left photo: Day School & Sixth Form students planting trees. Middle photo: Sign by Abundance London. Right Photo: Development office staff, Mary Ann and Daisy


We are eager to watch our garden evolve, with trees stretching skywards and blossoming flora, we are reminded of the potential for growth and healing green spaces offer. We look forward to welcoming more members of our community to participate in future events, such as flower bed painting and planting days, offering everyone a chance to contribute to this living legacy.

Stay connected with us for updates and opportunities, as we nurture this space and watch both it and our community flourish. The ArtsEd community garden will not just be a symbol of our dedication to the environment; but a vibrant, living canvas where art, education, and nature intersect to create something truly inspiring.


Day School & Sixth Form students assisting with the garden planting.



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