MA Showcase 2024


Covent Garden’s Arts Theatre was abuzz yesterday as the School of Acting MA students took the stage, delivering an impressive series of performances for an audience of industry professionals, comprising of agents and casting directors/assistants.

“The MA is a specialised vocational course which is going from strength to strength, under George Richmond-Scott’s leadership. This success is perfectly illustrated in the creative and talented actors of Showcase”
Kim Vithana, Director of the School of Acting
MA full cast

“Being able to perform on a West End stage to industry professionals was an extraordinary experience. Working on the showcase for the past few weeks under the guidance of George has been an absolute joy, and I can’t wait to perform at the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre in June”
Catherine Grace, MA Student, Class of 2024

The MA Showcase 2024, which kicked off with a welcoming drinks reception, saw 28 promising actors demonstrate their skills through a variety of solo and paired scenes.

Starting at 1pm, the event featured a dynamic lineup of 30 scenes, allowing each of the students multiple opportunities to shine in different roles. The diverse array of acts provided a comprehensive display of the students’ versatility and acting prowess.

“The MA students have been such a delight to work with on their showcase – I’ve been really impressed with their professionalism, playfulness and determination to keep exploring and developing their skills.”
George Richmond-Scott, MA Course Leader

The showcase concluded in the foyer where students had the chance to engage directly with industry professionals, an invaluable opportunity to make connections that could shape their future careers.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to perform on a West End Stage alongside my extremely talented cohort, under the guidance of our incredible Director, George. It’s satisfying to see how far we’ve all come and present out work to the industry! I can’t wait to start working on our public shows!”
Tara Sowah, MA Student, Class of 2024
MA full cast


The students’ profiles, complete with headshots, are available on the ArtsEd website. Each profile can be accessed by clicking on the respective headshot at the bottom of this article.

School of Acting, MA, Class of 2024