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Prime Minister of the Bahamas visits ArtsEd

Posted on: May 31st, 2023 by Neil Roig

In an exciting turn of events, Prime Minister Philip Davis of the Bahamas paid a momentous visit to ArtsEd as part of his delegation’s trip to London for the coronation of King Charles.

The prime minister’s connection with ArtsEd was facilitated by Ian Poitier, a director and government advisor for the Bahamas in the field of arts. Poitier, who directed ArtsEd’s Principal, Dr. Julie Spencer, in the 2007 film “Oh Happy Days,” played a pivotal role in arranging the meeting. It is worth highlighting that Poitier himself is an esteemed alumnus of ArtsEd, having graduated in 1988 as the first black student admitted to the Musical Theatre course.

During his visit, Prime Minister Davis embarked on a comprehensive tour of ArtsEd’s state-of-the-art facilities, immersing himself in the institution’s creative environment and even attending some degree-level lessons. This first-hand experience provided him with valuable insight into the rigorous training and artistic excellence offered at ArtsEd.

Joining the prime minister on this inspiring tour was Miriam-Teak Lee, a highly regarded ArtsEd alumna and recipient of the prestigious Olivier Award. Lee, renowned for her exceptional talent and accomplishments in the performing arts industry, graciously shared her personal experiences as a former ArtsEd student. Her presence further underscored the significant contributions the school makes in nurturing and shaping artistic talent.

Expressing her gratitude for Prime Minister Davis’s visit, Dr. Julie Spencer, Principal of ArtsEd, stated, “We are deeply honoured to host Prime Minister Philip Davis and his esteemed team at ArtsEd. Our institution has always championed the power of collaboration and cultural exchange, and we eagerly look forward to exploring potential partnerships with the Bahamas.”

The discussions throughout the visit centred around fostering cultural exchanges, nurturing talent, and embracing diversity. The visit served as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that the arts can have in uniting people and creating a more vibrant and interconnected world. ArtsEd remains committed to its mission of cultivating creativity and providing a platform for artistic expression that transcends borders.


Photo: Disha Fraser