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ArtsEd Day School & Sixth Form recognise and celebrate Black History Month

Posted on: October 23rd, 2023 by Marketing User

On 20th October, our Day School & Sixth Form students and staff celebrated Black History Month with various events across the day.

Over the past few weeks our ArtsEd Day School & Sixth Form corridors have been filled with displays recognising the significance of Black History.

These displays and events help spread the awareness that, although we use Black History Month in October as a platform to celebrate Black history.  We also should pause to recognise those that have paved the way before us and to prompt important discussions about what the future could hold for young members of the Black community today. A message that is relevant across the rest of the eleven months of the year too.

Happy Black History Month everyone!


Application Open for ArtsEd Degree Programmes! Here’s All You Need to Know to Apply

Posted on: October 16th, 2023 by Maame Atuah

We’re thrilled that you are considering ArtsEd as your drama school of choice! Embarking on a transformative journey into the performing arts with us signifies stepping into a space where your passion for acting and musical theatre will be nurtured, challenged, and celebrated. We’re committed to providing a rich, comprehensive, and supportive educational experience for all our students, and we’re delighted to accompany you at every step of your application process. This guide is meticulously curated to provide you with all the information needed for a successful application, ensuring that each step you take is informed, confident, and stress-free. Let’s dive into the journey together!

1. Choose the Programme You Want to Apply For

Embarking on a journey at ArtsEd begins with choosing a programme that best aligns with your aspirations and career goals. Explore the varied offerings under the School of Acting and School of Musical Theatre:

School of Acting:

School of Musical Theatre:

Evaluate each programme’s curriculum, duration, and prerequisites to understand what aligns with your career aspirations and educational background. This step is crucial because it sets the stage for your educational trajectory, influencing your future career in the performing arts.

2. Think About How You’ll Finance Your Studies

Taking a moment to ponder upon your financial planning for your studies at ArtsEd is an important step before diving into the application process. We have various scholarships and funding options available to you, please investigate and consider what financial support you might need throughout your studies.

Remember, investing in your education is investing in your future, and securing your financial stability during your studies will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the ArtsEd experience without undue stress.

3. Apply Via Our Application Portal

Initiating your application process via ArtsEd’s online portal means stepping into an organized, straightforward application journey. The digital portal is designed to guide applicants through a step-by-step process, from account creation to document submission. Pay close attention to the instructions and ensure that all required documents and details are accurately provided. Keeping a checklist of necessary documents and prerequisites handy can be immensely helpful in this stage.

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4. Choose Your Audition Date and Save in Your Calendar

Selecting your audition date is a pivotal step in the application process. Considering your preparedness, availability, and any other engagements, choose a date that allows you enough time for thorough preparation and relaxation before the audition. Mark the date in your calendar, set reminders, and organize your preparation schedule to build towards this important day.

5. Prepare for Your Audition Using Our Useful Tips

Audition preparation is often marked by a blend of excitement and nervousness. Utilize our useful tips and guides to navigate through your preparation phase seamlessly.

Ensure you adhere to the guidelines provided and engage in rigorous practice. Seeking feedback from mentors or peers during this phase can also provide valuable insights into your preparation.

6. Attend Your Audition, Try to Relax and Enjoy

The audition day is your moment to shine and showcase your talent and dedication to the craft. Approach the day with a calm, positive mindset and remember to enjoy the process. Whether you’re auditioning in-person or virtually, ensure that you are present in the moment, and convey not just your skills, but also your passion and personality. Your authenticity and enjoyment of the craft will undoubtedly shine through when you’re genuinely engaged.

7. Wait for the Results

After the adrenaline of the audition day subsides, patience becomes your best companion. Regardless of the outcome, remember that the experience gained during this process is invaluable and will stand you in good stead for future opportunities.

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Each of these steps in the journey to applying for ArtsEd Drama School unfolds a unique set of experiences and learnings. Embrace each stage with curiosity, dedication, and a love for the performing arts to pave your way into an exiting education in Acting or Musical Theatre. Remember, your journey in the performing arts is not just about perfecting the skill but also about enjoying the process and learning continually.