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ArtsEd for All: The Future of Performing Arts is Inclusivity

Posted on: February 29th, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

At ArtsEd, we believe in the power of diversity to enrich the performing arts. It’s not just about lighting up the stage; it’s about who gets to stand on it, and we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has their chance. That’s why we’re excited to be hosting a series of special events designed to open doors, break down barriers, and build a more inclusive future in the performing arts. 

ArtsEd for All: Creating a More Inclusive Future in Performing Arts 

These unique events are at the heart of our mission to challenge not only our behaviours but those of the wider industry. We aim to create an open and welcoming environment that enhances opportunities for young people from underrepresented backgrounds. We understand that stepping into the world of drama and performance can be daunting, but at ArtsEd, we’re determined to show that our doors are open to everyone, regardless of background. 


Why You Should Join Us 

Insightful Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations about breaking into the performing arts and how we can collectively foster a more inclusive environment. 

Personalised Support: Learn about the range of support we offer our students, from audition preparation to career guidance, ensuring you have the tools and confidence to succeed. 

Learn About Our Courses: Gain insights into our Higher Educational courses, and how we tailor our teaching to support and elevate each student’s unique journey. 


Your Voice Matters 

We’re not just looking to speak; we’re eager to listen. The event is a chance for attendees to share their experiences, aspirations, and ideas for making the performing arts more accessible and representative of the diverse society we live in. Your insights are invaluable to us as we strive to create an environment where every aspiring artist can thrive. 


Booking Your Spot   

Sign up now to secure your place at our upcoming events. Your comfort and privacy are paramount, we understand identity is sensitive and complex and we encourage you to share only what you feel comfortable with. This is a space for learning, sharing, and growing together. 


Thank you for considering ArtsEd in your performing arts journey. Together, we can make a difference, not just on stage but in the world beyond it. We can’t wait to welcome you and hear your story. 


If you have any accessibility needs or feedback on how we can do better with these events, please do get in touch by contacting 

Book Your Spot Now

2024 BA Acting & Musical Theatre Virtual Open Event - March 2024

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (Identity)

    The aim of the event is to give students from under-represented groups an opportunity to gain an insight into life at ArtsEd. We understand identity can be sensitive and complex for each individual. These events have been designed to serve students from under-represented communities and we collect the below data to ensure the event fulfils this purpose. We have left the answer boxes as free format to allow attendees to use wording which best describes their identity. This is entirely optional. Your comfort and privacy are paramount to us. Feel free to contribute as much or as little as you're comfortable with.
  • Let's Keep In Touch

    ArtsEd would like to keep you updated with news regarding our application and recruitment processes, if you would like to be kept informed please click below. You can read our full Privacy Notice on the ArtsEd website.
  • Your details will only be used by ArtsEd, you can read more in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.


ArtsEd: Community Garden

Posted on: February 26th, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

In a heartwarming display of environmental stewardship, following over 2 years of temporary wall fixtures, the ArtsEd community recently came together to create a beacon of biodiversity and beauty with the establishment of a new community garden. This significant initiative saw students from the Day School & Sixth Form, Higher Education cohorts, esteemed alumni, and dedicated staff members rolling up their sleeves in a collective effort to make a tangible impact on their environment and further cement the bonds of the ArtsEd community.

On a day that, despite its dampness, was filled with vibrancy and a shared sense of purpose, the ArtsEd community planted an array of trees donated by the Woodland Trust. This carefully curated variety included the robust hawthorn, the resilient hazel, the graceful downy birch, the evergreen holly, and the captivating crab apple, each chosen not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their contribution to local biodiversity.

School of Musical Theatre Director Jonathan O'Boyle, with his students assisting in the garden planting.


The planting was thoughtfully arranged and expertly guided by Abundance London (who also generously donated tools), with each tree finding its home along the garden’s beds, flanked by an impressive row of stately yew trees. This verdant initiative goes beyond merely beautifying the establishment; it is a testament to ArtsEd’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the nurturing of a community that grows together.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all those who lent their green fingers and hearts to this project. Special thanks are extended to Mary Ann Parish, Head of Development and Daisy from the Development office, whose vision and dedication were instrumental in planting the seeds to a long lasting community garden. Their efforts promise not only to enrich our school’s landscape but to instill a legacy of environmental consciousness and engagement among the ArtsEd community.


Left photo: Day School & Sixth Form students planting trees. Middle photo: Sign by Abundance London. Right Photo: Development office staff, Mary Ann and Daisy


We are eager to watch our garden evolve, with trees stretching skywards and blossoming flora, we are reminded of the potential for growth and healing green spaces offer. We look forward to welcoming more members of our community to participate in future events, such as flower bed painting and planting days, offering everyone a chance to contribute to this living legacy.

Stay connected with us for updates and opportunities, as we nurture this space and watch both it and our community flourish. The ArtsEd community garden will not just be a symbol of our dedication to the environment; but a vibrant, living canvas where art, education, and nature intersect to create something truly inspiring.


Day School & Sixth Form students assisting with the garden planting.



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Year 13 A-Level Acting Students Shine at The Bush Theatre

Posted on: February 21st, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

The Bush Theatre recently played host to an extraordinary showcase of talent as Year 13 Sixth Form students from ArtsEd took to the stage, presenting a diverse array of plays. Running from the 1st to the 3rd of February, these performances were the culmination of three months of hard-work and preparation that began in the lead-up to Christmas. Demonstrating remarkable creativity, the students themselves took the reins in conceptualising, directing, and editing pre-existing scripted works, in addition to crafting the overall visual aesthetic of their pieces.

This ambitious project is a core element of their A-Level Acting course, significantly contributing to their final examination. More than a mere academic requirement, this experience afforded the students an invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the professional theatre environment. Working alongside professional technical teams, they gained critical insights into the practical aspects of a career in the performing arts.

The showcase featured a rich tapestry of narratives, starting with “Edward Gaunt and his Amazing Feats of Loneliness,” a vaudeville-infused journey through tales of peculiar afflictions and heartache. Caryl Churchill’s “Escaped Alone” followed, presenting a poignant conversation among four women against the backdrop of a world on the brink of apocalypse.


Edward Gaunt and His Amazing Feats of Loneliness

Edward Gaunt and His Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Edward Gaunt and His Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Edward Gaunt and His Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Edward Gaunt and His Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Escaped Alone

Escaped Alone


Escaped Alone


Escaped Alone

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“The Memory of Water” explored the nuanced terrain of grief and memory through the lens of three sisters mourning their mother. “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” offered a comedic reprieve with its satirical glance at police corruption.


The Memory of Water


The Memory of Water


The Memory of Water


The Memory of Water


Accidental Death of an Anarchist


Accidental Death of an Anarchist


Accidental Death of an Anarchist


Accidental Death of an Anarchist

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“Baby Reindeer” blended stand-up comedy and drama to recount a harrowing tale of stalking. “People, Places and Things” delved into the struggles of an actress grappling with the temptations of escapism, and “Dinner” served up a suspense-laden narrative centred around a celebration that promises to be fatally unforgettable.


Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer


People, Places and Things


People, Places and Things


People, Places and Things


People, Places and Things









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Accompanied by a selection of photographs, this article captures the essence and energy of the performances, showcasing the dedication and talent of the ArtsEd Year 13 Sixth Form students. These images, highlighting moments from each play, celebrate the students’ achievements and offer a glimpse into the potential futures of these emerging talents in the performing arts.

You can view and download the full selection of images below:

Full Selection

BA Acting Graduates 2024 Showreels

Posted on: February 13th, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

In an evening marked by talent, creativity, and the promise of bright futures, Arts Ed proudly presented its annual 2024 BA Acting Graduate Showreels. Hosted at the prestigious Chiswick Cinema, the event showcased the exceptional work of its third-year acting students, who have dedicated their year to crafting professional showreels under the guidance of renowned industry professionals.

This exclusive event, traditionally closed to the wider public to maintain an intimate and focused atmosphere, welcomed over 100 guests this year, including students, staff, and the unique opportunity for each third-year student to bring a plus one. The evening was not just a celebration but a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of Arts Ed’s students.

Throughout their final year, these aspiring actors collaborated with industry writers, directors, and cinematographers to create two-minute professional showreels and short films. This hands-on experience prepares them for the competitive world of professional acting, offering a real-world glimpse into the industry’s demands and rewards.

This year’s showcase featured 14 captivating showreels, each a collaborative effort between pairs of third-year students. These pieces were revivals of acclaimed scenes from a mix of films and TV shows, demonstrating the students’ ability to bring fresh perspectives and unique interpretations to established works. The full list of showcased scenes includes titles such as “Survival of the Thickest,” “The Sister,” and “Behind Her Eyes,” among others, spanning genres and styles to highlight the diverse talents of the graduates.

“BA Acting Students at ArtsEd are offered a clear path to learning the craft of acting for screen. Screen acting classes are built into the curriculum from first year, followed by location shoots in second year.

Our graduating students then work with industry writers, directors, and cinematographers throughout their final year to create professional showreels and short films, putting into practise their training, and preparing them to enter the professional world.

The work that the students put in to their showreels this year was incredible, and it was fantastic to see their talent showcased on the big screen at Chiswick Cinema last week.”

Marnie Baxter – Head of Film, TV and Audio

The Chiswick Cinema provided a fittingly elegant backdrop for the event, with its state-of-the-art facilities offering a cinematic experience that allowed each showreel to shine. Attendees were treated to a night of remarkable performances, with each reel underscoring the students’ readiness to step into the professional world.

Arts Ed remains committed to nurturing the next generation of acting talent, providing unparalleled opportunities for students to work closely with seasoned industry professionals. This annual event not only celebrates the culmination of the students’ hard work but also serves as a launchpad for their careers in acting.

For those interested in experiencing the talent of Arts Ed’s 2024 BA Acting graduates, links to their showreels are available below. Each reel not only showcases their acting prowess but also highlights the collaborative effort between students and their mentors, setting a new standard for what is possible in the realm of acting education.

A full selection of photo’s for the 2024 BA Acting Graduate Showreels event can be found below:

View and Download

As Arts Ed looks to the future, it does so with the confidence that its graduates are not just prepared to enter the professional world but to redefine it. The 2024 BA Acting Graduate Showreels event was more than a celebration; it was a declaration of the next wave of talent set to grace stages and screens worldwide.


Apply for Our Acting Programmes

Aspiring actors, don’t miss your chance to join ArtsEd’s renowned acting courses! Whether you’re considering our BA Acting Programme for a comprehensive professional journey, furthering your studies with our MA Acting Programme or are looking for a stepping stone to hone your skills with our Foundation Acting Programme, we have the perfect path for you. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, guided by industry professionals, and build a strong foundation for your acting career.

BA Acting Programme: Learn More & Apply
MA Acting Programme: Learn More & Apply
Foundation Acting Programme: Learn More & Apply



Day School & Sixth Form Graduate Stars in Disney’s The Shepherd

Posted on: February 2nd, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

ArtsEd Day School and Sixth Form proudly spotlights the recent achievement of one of its distinguished graduates, Scarlet Grace [Churchhouse]. In a significant career milestone, Scarlet stars as Sally, one of the main characters in the Disney+ short film, “The Shepherd.” This role not only highlights her exceptional talent but also underscores the world-class training provided by ArtsEd.

Disney+’s ‘The Shepherd’ is a captivating short film that transports audiences to Christmas Eve 1957, following the harrowing yet hopeful journey of Freddie, a young RAF pilot. Stranded and alone, with his aircraft’s instruments failing over the North Sea, Freddie faces imminent danger. His bleak situation takes a miraculous turn when he encounters a mysterious WWII-era Mosquito Fighter plane, piloted by a guardian angel who guides him to safety. This film weaves a tale of courage, resilience, and unexpected salvation, encapsulating the spirit of hope and the magic of Christmas miracles.

Scarlet’s performance in “The Shepherd,” a film that delves into themes of hope and perseverance, is a testament to the comprehensive hard work and dedication she put into her education at ArtsEd. Our Day School and Sixth Form have been instrumental in shaping the careers of many successful artists, offering courses that blend intensive vocational training with robust academic education.

“We are absolutely delighted that recent students from ArtsEd Day School and Sixth Form are thriving within the industry.  Scarlet was an outstanding student, who combined all aspects of the ArtsEd Curriculum’, the vocational and the academic, whilst at the same time being a superb performer and ambassador for the School.  This is a wonderful testament to her remarkable talent, hard work, and professionalism, and demonstrates how these key attributes combine so well with the BTEC courses to enable students to prepare for careers in the industry.  She rightly deserves the accolades that this will bring, and we wish her every success in this and her future career.”

Peter Middleton, Headteacher, ArtsEd.

At ArtsEd, students are immersed in a vibrant and nurturing environment that encourages artistic growth and personal development.  The ‘ArtsEd Curriculum’ is designed to foster creativity and skill, includes a wide range of subjects such as Acting, Musical Theatre, Film Studies, and Dance, as well as the more traditional academic subjects.  This ensures a well-rounded education for our students through Years 7-11 and also into the Sixth Form, where the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts can be taken, or a more traditional A level pathway.

Scarlet’s success in “The Shepherd” is a reflection of our commitment to excellence in performing arts education. Her ability to bring complex characters to life on screen is a direct outcome of the comprehensive training and support provided by our dedicated faculty.

Behind the scenes of the film The Shepherd. Focused on a camera who has alumni Scarlet Grace in frame.
Behind the scenes of the film The Shepherd. Focused on a camera who has alumni Scarlet Grace in frame.
Behind the scenes on set of The Shepherd. WW2 military aircraft.
Behind the scenes on set of The Shepherd. WW2 military aircraft.
Scalet Grace BTS
Scarlet Grace BTS1
Scarlet Grace BTS2
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Behind the scenes of Disney+’s ‘The Shepherd’

This achievement is not only a personal triumph for Scarlet but also a continuation of her family’s legacy at ArtsEd. In ArtsEd’s 100th year, we unearth memories, pictures, programmes and newspaper clippings to collate the rich history of ArtsEd together. While doing so, we discovered a whole family of ArtsEd students made up of three generations of women: grandmother, Lynn Sawyer, her two daughters Samantha and Claire Sawyer, and granddaughter, Scarlet Grace [Churchhouse], who recently graduated ArtsEd Sixth Form.

Read More


ArtsEd is committed to nurturing the next generation of performers and creatives, providing them with the tools, skills, and opportunities to succeed in the competitive world of the arts. As we celebrate Scarlet’s achievement, we look forward to witnessing the future successes of our current and future students, who are set to follow in the footsteps of our distinguished alumni.

Applications For Our Day School Close 7th February 2024.

Find out more about our Day School curriculum and offer below:

Sixth Form applications are now closed.

Day School

Upcoming Events: BRIT School, FDS & CDMT

Posted on: January 31st, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

ArtsEd are delighted to be participating in three upcoming events, offering aspiring students a comprehensive look into the world of performing arts careers and an insight into life at ArtsEd.

BRIT School Futures Fair – Nurturing Future Talents

When: Thursday 1st February 2024
Time: 2.00pm – 6.30pm
Where: Obie Theatre, BRIT School, 60 The Crescent, Croydon SE25 5PW

The BRIT School Futures Fair is a unique event tailored specifically for Year 12 students of the BRIT School and their parents. This year, we are excited to return to an in-person format at the school’s Obie Theatre. The fair provides an excellent platform for over 500 students to interact directly with renowned higher education performing arts institutions, including ArtsEd. It’s an invaluable opportunity for students to receive personalised advice and insights into careers and courses in the performing arts, with an emphasis on practical skills and industry knowledge.

Tickets: This is a closed event.


CDMT Careers Conference – A Confluence of Aspirations and Expertise

When: Sunday 11th February 2024
Time: 9:30am – 7:00pm
Where: Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)

The CDMT Careers Conference at LIPA is the UK’s premier event for young people considering a career in dance, drama, and musical theatre. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in workshop-style classes, led by top UK teachers, focused on honing skills in dance, drama, and musical theatre. The day also includes seminars with experts on course selection, audition success, and vital topics like funding and wellbeing. The conference culminates with an exclusive Showcase Performance by students currently studying at CDMT Accredited Schools, providing a glimpse of the high-caliber training and talent nurtured within these institutions.

Come and meet us, take part in our workshops and watch our performance!

ArtsEd timetable:

Tickets: Available for purchase at CDMT – Tickets


FDS/CUK Performing Arts and Higher Education Training Fair – Exploring Drama School Excellence

When: Tuesday 12th March 2024
Time: Morning Slot: 9.45am – 12.45pm, Afternoon Slot: 12.45pm – 3.45pm
Where: Truro College, College Rd, Truro, TR1 3XX

After a successful attendance at FDS on Tuesday 21st November 2023 we’re excited to be taking part in their next upcoming event. This collaborative event with Truro College is an exciting event for students eager to learn about UK’s top drama schools. The FDS/CUK Performing Arts and Higher Education Training Fair will look to feature bespoke workshops in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Technical/Production Arts. Each pathway includes hands-on activities, enabling students to experience the rigours and rewards of drama school training. Additionally, the event’s Q&A discussions and marketplace provide rare opportunities for one-on-one interactions with representatives from various drama schools, offering guidance on courses, auditions, and student life.

Tickets: Book your free ticket at FDS – Tickets


Come meet ArtsEd at these events for a comprehensive exploration of the performing arts and how we can help you take your first steps in your future career. These opportunities are ideal for students, parents, and educators aiming to gain deeper insights into the performing arts industry and educational pathways. We look forward to inspiring and guiding the next generation of artists!

Applications For Our Degree Programmes Close 1st March 2024.

ArtsEd offers a dynamic range of programmes in both acting and musical theatre, tailored to nurture and develop your artistic potential. Our BA and MA Acting Programmes provide a deep dive into the world of professional acting, equipping you with comprehensive skills and industry insights. For those at the onset of their acting journey, the Foundation Acting Programme offers a fundamental grounding, perfect for honing essential acting skills.

In the realm of musical theatre, our BA Musical Theatre Programme stands out as a thorough and immersive experience, designed for those aspiring to shine on stage. For beginners, the Foundation Musical Theatre Programme lays a solid foundation in the essentials of performance, preparing you for the challenges and triumphs of a career in musical theatre.

Find out more below:

Muisical Theatre Acting

Ofsted: ArtsEd is Outstanding in All Areas

Posted on: January 30th, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

In mid-November 2023 ArtsEd was inspected by Ofsted regarding our Higher Education provision and we are extremely pleased to announce we have been awarded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas once again.

This follows the recent news in autumn 2023 of ArtsEd being awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellent Framework (TEF 2023 Ratings) confirming our Higher Education provision is of the highest quality and recognised as sector leading:

“From their first contact with the school, students feel welcome and valued for who they are. Staff, leaders and trustees are highly committed to training each student to become the performer they want to be. This contributes to students being highly motivated. Their attendance is excellent, as is their application to practical and theoretical classes, rehearsals and performance.”


OFSTED, The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) regulates and inspects to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.

This visit was scheduled due to the funding support offered to our students through the Dance and Drama Award (DaDA). Dance and Drama Award (DaDA) funding is allocated for the completion of our three-year Level 6 Trinity College London Professional Performing Arts Diploma (PPAD) courses in either Acting or Musical Theatre. BA (Hons) and PPAD Diploma students study together, on the same three-year courses.

As part of the inspection Ofsted look at the Quality of education, Behaviour and attitudes, Personal development, Leadership and management, Adult learning programmes, and Overall effectiveness.  As in our previous inspection in 2015, they have awarded ArtsEd outstanding in all areas:

“Students find the work demanding and rewarding in equal measure. They know the very high standards expected of them from their tutors, which they understand reflect the standards they need to achieve for careers in their chosen performance discipline. Students consistently attain the highest level of skill. For example, musical theatre students achieve fluency in executing the complex rhythm of triplet and semiquaver combinations in tap. They rehearse and practise difficult steps, demonstrating resilience to achieve new skills in syncopated and rapid footwork. Students participate fully as members of an ensemble of trainee performers. Teaching staff very successfully create a culture of collaborative working practice and an environment in which students can safely take risks without fear of critique.”


Ofsted continued and commented that in terms of diversity and what ArtsEd does well.

“Trustees, leaders and staff have an exemplary focus on inclusion and diversity. They use the Dance and Drama Award funding highly effectively to widen participation in the training. This contributes to a high proportion of students being from minority ethnic backgrounds and feeling fully at home at the school… Tutors teach students British Sign Language so that they can work in inclusive theatre settings. Tutors teach diverse dance motifs and movement vocabulary from global dance, so that students are ready to work in a variety of genres.”

This Ofsted report was lead by Rieks Drijver, lead inspector, Christina Christou and Chloe Rendall and focused on the provision for students studying level 6 diplomas in either professional acting or professional musical theatre; both of which are validated by Trinity College London.

Commenting on ArtsEd links with industry leaders:

“Leaders and staff work exceptionally well with industry experts to make sure that the training they offer continuously reflects developments in the industry. They understand well the interplay between the school as a training organisation and the theatre and media industries, in both leading on innovation and development while maintaining the employability of their students for current job roles

Senior leaders have a thoroughly thought-through ethos for the school. They focus extraordinarily well on students’ learning through the lens of their own cultural background. They have a deep understanding of the different elements that intersect within each student’s experience while training. This approach to the development of each student as an individual person and performer runs through every aspect of the training and is fully understood by staff. Tutors place this approach at the centre of their curriculum design and teaching.”

Farida Mannan Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees

“This outstanding result is a reflection on ArtsEd dedication to an inclusive performing arts education. The report highlights our long-standing links to industry professionals and the exceptional employability opportunities available at ArtsEd students.

The inspectors report recognises the whole team and the strong partnerships across the organisation.  I would like to thank all students, staff and wider ArtsEd community for their ongoing hard work, innovation and dedication.”

The inspection was carried out using Ofsted’s further education and skills inspection handbook and took into account all relevant provision at ArtsEd. Inspectors collected a wide range of evidence to inform judgements, including visiting learning sessions, scrutinising learners’ work, seeking the views of learners, staff and other stakeholders, and examining the provider’s documentation and records.

Full Report (Ofsted) Dance and Drama Awards – Funding for Students

Applications for September 2024 are open until 1st March, further details can be found below.

Muisical Theatre Acting

2024 BTEC Fringe Festival

Posted on: January 29th, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

Get ready for a week of student talent and creativity as the 2024 BTEC Fringe Festival graces our stage on January 30th and 31st. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the annual BTEC Fringe Festival, where our exceptionally talented students will bring their creativity and passion to life in a kaleidoscope of captivating performances.

Event Details

This two-day fringe festival promises to be a celebration of the performing arts, and we are honoured to present an array of thrilling performances, including acting, musical theatre, and dance shows, all curated and performed by our incredibly talented students.

Dates: Tuesday 30th January & Wednesday 31st January 2024

Location: Studio 39 & 102, ArtsEd, 14 Bath Road, Chiswick, London, 4 1LY

Box Office Information

To secure your place for this event, simply click the button below and book your tickets today. We kindly ask you to book separate tickets for each performance, ensuring a minimum of 30 minutes between show bookings to allow for a smooth transition. With a limited seating capacity of 40 seats per performance. In case a show is sold out, rest assured, we have a waiting list to accommodate you.

No need to worry about collecting your tickets – our warm and welcoming Front of House team will be there to greet you on the evening of each performance. For those with specific access requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at in advance.

Book Here

Show Highlights

January 30th

Carry That Weight (by Yesterday)

The Wheels on the Bus (by The Living Room Theatre Company)

One By One (by Elimination Dance Company)

Pink Women (by 4 Shades of Grey)

I Wish (by Shows in the Key of Life)

The Box of Parallels (by The Gallery)

January 31st

Desire; Love (by Daydreamers)

The Maria Project (by High 5)

Power of Nature (by Truce Dance Company)

Ice Breakers (by Midnight Goats)

Blondilocks (by DB and Co.)

Colour Scheme (by Isolated Productions)

Book Your Tickets

The 2024 BTEC Fringe Festival promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent, creativity, and dedication. We invite you to join us in celebrating the hard work and artistic achievements of our students. Secure your tickets now, support our emerging artists, and be a part of this unforgettable event.

Book Here



School of Musical Theatre Shows Open to a Sold-Out Audience

Posted on: January 22nd, 2024 by Joshua Robinson

The corridors of ArtsEd are abuzz with excitement and pride as the opening night of “The Drowsy Chaperone” approaches on January 23rd. This eagerly awaited production has already marked a significant milestone by selling out within just a few days of ticket sales opening.

Winner of 5 TONY Awards, including Best Book and Best Original Score, “The Drowsy Chaperone” is a tribute to the Jazz Age musical, filled with laugh-out-loud comedy, show-stopping numbers, and captivating music by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison.

Directed by Philip Wilson, the production is expected to be a grand showcase of the students’ skills and hard work, featuring a unique double-cast that adds diverse flair to each performance.

This success comes hot on the heels of another ArtsEd achievement: the sell-out of “Rent,” which saw all tickets snapped up in under an hour. Directed by Tania Azevedo and set to be staged from February 6th to 10th, “Rent” has further cemented ArtsEd’s reputation for high-caliber student productions.

These consecutive sell-outs are not only a testament to the quality of ArtsEd’s productions but also to the enduring love and support for musical theatre.

“We’re thrilled to be looking ahead to the final two shows of the School of Musical Theatre Season. The Drowsy Chaperone, directed by Philip Wilson, opens this week and Jonathan Larson’s Rent, directed by Tania Azevedo, opens on 6th February. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre to see the talented 2024 Musical Theatre graduates in action.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the students and staff for all their continuing hard work, commitment and dedication to the training.

Applications are still open for 2024/25. Please visit the ArtsEd website for further details and the link to the application portal.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled later on in the spring for the School of Musical Theatre’s announcement of our 2024/25 season of musicals!”

Jonathan O’Boyle, Director of the School of Musical Theatre

To find out more about the Musical Theatre programmes, click below:

Find out more


As “The Drowsy Chaperone” prepares to raise its curtains to a full house, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation. This success serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the young performers, demonstrating that dedication and talent are indeed the keys to turning dreams into reality.

For the lucky ones who managed to secure tickets, an evening of laughter, fantastic music, and stunning performances awaits. And for those who missed out, ArtsEd encourages keeping an eye out for future productions that promise the same level of excitement and excellence.

There’s Still Time to Apply to Our Musical Theatre and Acting Courses

As the curtain is set to fall on another successful production at ArtsEd, it’s clear that the stage is just the beginning. If you’ve been inspired by the outstanding performances of our students and dream of taking your place in the spotlight, our BA (Hons) Musical Theatre or Acting course is your next step. ArtsEd is renowned for its rigorous and exceptional triple-threat training, offering an exciting and extensive curriculum designed to shape world-leading performers.

Applications for 2024 close on 1st March 2024.

Muisical Theatre Acting

ArtsEd instructs a barrister to complete a review on allegations and culture

Posted on: December 18th, 2023 by Joshua Robinson

We are publishing this article in response to recent media coverage regarding culture at ArtsEd. You may be aware of the historic complaints raised in the press over the last number of weeks, and that further complaints and concerns have come to light since then.

These are serious allegations and do not reflect our values or the organisation we want to be.

The Board of Trustees have instructed Ghazaleh Rezaie, a barrister from 12 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, to undertake a review of the allegations and wider governance at ArtsEd.

While it is up to Ms Rezaie to agree and finalise the Terms of Reference, we are keen that this investigation is as broad and inclusive as possible, and that people have the opportunity to make their voice heard. We are determined to establish a clear account of the events and identify lessons to be learned based on the findings.

With that in mind, an independent email address has been established for anybody that wants to contribute to the investigation. We would encourage anybody, including all staff, students, parents and alumni to use this email address to contact Ms Rezaie.

We plan for work on the investigation to commence as soon as possible with interviews and evidence gathering in January 2024.

We hope that this statement and plan demonstrates how serious we are about holding the institution to account and how we should be determined at all times, no matter how difficult, to judge ourselves against the highest standards.